caring is sharing

When I first started thinking about this business venture, I knew that it needed to have real purpose built into the bones of it. As a card-carrying member of Gen-X, most apathetic of all the Gens (don't @ me - you know it's true), I wanted to create messages that would inspire and uplift our newest generations. Words to encourage our littles, who carry the weight of responsibility for building a better world than we have made.

But more than that, I also knew I needed to find a way to give back right now, to the community around us full of so many amazing, beautiful people who are helping and being helped. So I created designs that really speak to some  concerns that are close to my heart, and have committed to donating a percentage of sales from those specific product sales to my chosen charity partners.

Please click through to discover more about these amazing organisations via the links on my home page.

small but determined

We are a small business...super small...in fact, I'm using the 'royal we' because in reality: it's just me! Michelle, mum of 2, and a self-taught designer with a background in cosmetics retail design and a degree in feminist theory (yes I'm a contradiction, it's okay I've come to terms with it...)

I dropped out of the corporate rat race at the end of 2020 and I'm now enjoying the process of finding balance between fulfilling my creative ambitions while also being around more for my littles.